June 10

My Passover In 2020

 Passover 2020

This year I had to do Passover differently because of the coronavirus outbreak. I couldn’t celebrate with my grandparents or my cousins. So I could only celebrate with my mom. Before Passover started me and my mom made a delicious Passover dessert which was homemade whipped cream, homemade chocolate ganache, and matzah stacked on top of each other. After when Passover started me and my mom set the table with the matzah, grape juice, and the seder plate, but we didn’t have Chazeret or Charoset, but we happened to have a seder plate puzzle from when I was little, so we took the missing pieces that we needed from the puzzle, and put them on the seder plate. Then we started the seder but for 

Ma Nishtana I called my grandparents so they could listen.

When it was time for the meal we ate, but before dessert we took a quick monopoly break because we were full, and then we had dessert. My grandparents said to call them back when I found the afikoman. When it was time for me to look for the afikoman I found it pretty quickly because I saw my mom put it in the kitchen, it was in the microwave.

My prize from my mom was a Minecraft lego and my prize from my grandparents was $10. Then we finished the seder and went to bed.


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