June 24

School In Quarantine

In this blog I will tell you what school in Quarantine is like for me, I will go through all the classes what our class usually does during each one. You will find out if it is easy or hard to do school at home.



In English, we sometimes write blogs like the one you are reading right now because we just got our blogs set up. Sometimes Mrs. Bennett has a worksheet that we either print out, write the answers on a document or write the answers on paper. We also sometimes go into a meet, Mrs. Bennett presents her screen and we each take turns reading.



In Hebrew we also make blogs, sometimes we make Hebrew blogs or post the work that we have been doing.

Similar to English Morah Yardena also gives us a lot of worksheets that we have to finish. We also do tefillah and record us singing a prayer and put it on Flipgrid where Morah Yardena can look at them.



In French, we usually do some worksheets but the ones Moiseur P. gives us are documents, so we just have to copy the whole document and paste it onto another document and then fill it out. Monsieur P. also reads us books in French and then translates them, and we just recently watched Paddington 2.



In Gym, there is a link on our schedule to a fitness workout or a yoga class on youtube. Once Mr. Ray videotaped himself showing us a game we can play at home. But what most a lot of people do for Gym is they play sports like me, I play hockey or soccer.


In Art, Morah Shira puts a video of herself showing us what to do for Art class. Sometimes it is painting or drawing, but we also make a lot of art out of the things we find in nature, like pine cones, flowers, or leaves. But at the end of the year, we talked about our favourite things we did in Art this year.



In Music, we have made a few songs using a website called song maker where you can make your own songs.

Here is the link, make sure you save the link so it doesn’t get deleted 🙂

We had a music journal where we would listen to a music video and write four sentences on what you thought of the song. And we also made music games like Kahoot, Song Maker, Jeopardy, and more!


School in Quarantine is a little bit harder, but it is kind of fun. Because there are things that we do now that we wouldn’t have done if we were in school. It does get a little boring at some points, but the school year is almost over. 

I’m So Excited!


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