November 17

Genius Hour

For my genius hour, I am making a few things to make dogs’ lives better.

So far I have made a document that has a bit of information on why dogs fetch and why the products I am making are good for dogs. ( When you are reading that post may not be finished) I have also made a blueprint of my products. My first product is The Auto-Fetcher, there is a cardboard tube that carries balls into a ball launcher and the dog can chase it. 

My second and third products are a 2 In 1 leash and a 3 In 1 leash, they are leashes where you hold it in one place and you can walk 3 or 2 dogs. My next step is to build the products and for the leashes instead of using nylon, like normal dog leashes I am going to make a model out of string.

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