December 8

My Covid 19 Journal Entry

These are some strange times. When Covid hit I thought we would only have to stay home for a few weeks maximum a month, but here we are 8 months later. My life has changed drastically now that we have to deal with Covid. First of all, school is a lot harder. I have to last almost the whole day with a mask including Recess! Also, my personal life has become harder but a bit better if that is how you want to describe it because I get outside a lot more because I have nothing to do inside. I build snowmen and take my dog for more walks. Speaking of taking my dog for walks let me tell you about that. Now that there is snow my dog has a billion more things to sniff and it is so annoying. It is also a bit more dangerous because if someone else is walking towards me I have to move onto the road. I think Covid is good in some ways. For example, I think that because of Covid people have slowed down and they are not in such a rush. It is also good luck this is the best November ever! 

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