March 14

Jewish Studies Unit Reflection

During this unit of Jewish Studies, we learned all about different things that have to do with Judaism, from praying to clothing. Bar and bar mitzvahs arent just celebrations for when a person turns 12/13. It means you are a Jewish adult and need to do certain mitzvot. I used to think that wearing tallit was just a fashion statement, but it is way more symbolic. It is a prayer shawl that has tzitzit which reminds us about the 613 commandments from G-d. Tefillin is very special, males are supposed to wear it every day. It is two boxes with parchment from the Torah inside which say things that remind us about what G-d has done for us and some orders. The two boxes represent your actions and thoughts. The tefillin has straps that you wrap around your head, arm, and hand during the ritual. I had no clue about all these Jewish traditions that had to do with these items and events, even after knowing all this I still find this so cool how much these things represent.

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