March 31

The Benifits of Having a Pet

During COVID people are staying inside a lot more, and not getting to see your friends and family is a total bummer. One thing you can do is consider getting a pet there are so many benefits. Lots of pet owners will say that pets are very good, but they don’t know the mental and physical benefits. Most people want dogs or cats but if you are allergic to them maybe you should consider getting a rabbit because they are still a very furry friend! Also, birds can be good for mental health because they can increase social interactions, and sharpen your mind (Lundgren et al.). Studies have shown that having a pet can lower levels of cortisol, and lower your blood pressure. Pets can also help kids with disabilities like autism, and ADHD. If you are looking to be more active you could get a dog because you need to walk them, and walking multiple times a day is very good for you (“The Power of Pets”). 


If you have a lot to do, or there is something stressing you out, getting a pet can lower your stress and anxiety. Just petting your dog or watching a fish swim around can be very relaxing. Pets can help stop children from developing allergies. They can also improve your immune system (“10 Benefits of Owning a Pet”). Young kids can learn responsibilities from having a pet, like walking a dog or feeding a cat. Pets can tell when you are sad or stressed and they try to make you feel better. They can make us feel special by showing us love and affection. It’s hard to feel angry or sad when there is a cat on your lap (“Benefits of Owning a Pet”). Lastly, there is the best reason to get a pet in my opinion. They are adorable! You can have so much fun playing with them (“Benefits of Having a Pet: Why Keeping Pets Gives You Positive Energy”). 



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