April 14

Innovation Day Reflection: The 3rd Place Finisher

In our class we just finished our Electricty projects. When we were first informed about the project we needed to do for Innovation Day I was very worried because we were using lots of different electrical comepenents, such as light bulbs, wires, batteries, and buzzers. I thought I would spend hours, and hours trying to figure out how to make the curcuits work, but with the help of my partener and my teacher’s help me and my partener were able to finish it without breaking down in confusion. There were so many amazing projects so we tried to make ours stand out, so instead of keeping our cardboard plain brown we decorated it like a hockey rink because me and my partener love hockey. We also showcased our complicated wires so people would know that we worked very hard. After we finished the project we had a day where we would show our parents our creation. We showed the video of us presenting and after I was so relieved because we were officaly done our project. A few days later we got the results of who won the top 3 in each grade, and me and my paretener won 3rd place!