May 19

Public Speaking Reflection

  1. Why is self-evaluation an important post-speech technique?

Self-evaluation is very important because it helps your writing and your presenting skills improve. You can use these improved skills to make better and more engaging speeches, and improve your Public Speaking for the next year.



2. Explain two things (stars) that you think you did especially well in this speech? 

I think I was loud enough that everybody in the room could hear me. I also think that my pronunciation was good so that everybody understood what I was saying.


3. What are two things (wishes) that you did not do as well as you would have liked in this speech? 

I wish I didn’t stutter as much. I was very nervous because I had put a lot of effort into the speech, so I stuttered a lot. I also wish I made more eye contact, I was so nervous at some parts that I forgot to look up.


4. What do you plan to do before your next speech/oral presentation in any class to improve on the two areas that you identified in the last question?

I think that my speech was a lot better because I practiced a lot. For most presentations, I don’t practice as much but I could really see a better result when I practiced, so for my next oral presentation, I will try to practice more.


5. What tools did you find useful in the public speaking process (planner, having chunked due dates, practicing with a partner, rough copy feedback, etc.)

I thought that having a graphic organizer really helped because when I got to writing a new paragraph I already knew what I was going to write about instead of having to think of an idea. I also thought that practicing with a partner helped because when you practice with a close friend you know they won’t be mean, and will give you helpful feedback.


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