October 28

Life In 2057

This is what I think life will be like in 2057.


I think schools will be permanently online with these devices that project your full body on calls with other people. I also think that will happen with shopping where people will be able to look at things and feel them and decide if they want to buy them and then it will be delivered to their house. Speaking of houses,  I think there will be a lot more apartments for all the people. I also think that houses will be a lot bigger and some might even be stacked on top of each other to make room for all the new projects, like very fast trains or self-driving cars. But when self-driving cars are first invented there will be a lot of accidents.  They might have even invented flying cars that are similar to helicopters. I think music will be bad compared to what we listen to today but people will get used to it and like it a lot. I also think it will be a mix of pop and rock. I think movies will have a lot more special effects and CGI, but the action and intensity will be very good and everybody will like them. I think that Tesla will be one of the most popular car brands and they will have discovered a lot of cool things to do with cars. Not very many people will be outside because all the shopping will be done online. This will cause a lot of people to not get as much exercise. So a lot of people will get treadmills and a lot of new cardio machines. I think that in 2057 a lot of small brands and stores will get shut down. Even some bigger brands. Apple will be doing really well with all their new products, like Apple Shoes, and Apple Garbage cans, just really random things, and by this point, they will probably be up to iPhone 37 Pro Max or something. People will probably have rooms in their homes dedicated to growing plants instead of putting them outside. I think that a lot of people instead of walking with roller stake or drive hoverboards everywhere. Prosthetics will be very advanced, like robot arms or legs. Virtually reality will be very popular because it will be so exciting and realistic. Last but not least I think COVID will be gone!

Here is a recap of all the inventions that I said in this post:

  1. Full body cameras for online school
  2. Screen to see products before you buy them, online at home.
  3. Self Driving Cars
  4.  Flying Cars
  5. Cool New Cars
  6. Cardio Machines 
  7. Random Apple Products
  8. iPhone 37 Pro Max
  9. New Rooms For Growing Plants
  10. New Prosthetics
  11. Realistic Virtual Reality