October 28

Life In 2057

This is what I think life will be like in 2057.


I think schools will be permanently online with these devices that project your full body on calls with other people. I also think that will happen with shopping where people will be able to look at things and feel them and decide if they want to buy them and then it will be delivered to their house. Speaking of houses,  I think there will be a lot more apartments for all the people. I also think that houses will be a lot bigger and some might even be stacked on top of each other to make room for all the new projects, like very fast trains or self-driving cars. But when self-driving cars are first invented there will be a lot of accidents.  They might have even invented flying cars that are similar to helicopters. I think music will be bad compared to what we listen to today but people will get used to it and like it a lot. I also think it will be a mix of pop and rock. I think movies will have a lot more special effects and CGI, but the action and intensity will be very good and everybody will like them. I think that Tesla will be one of the most popular car brands and they will have discovered a lot of cool things to do with cars. Not very many people will be outside because all the shopping will be done online. This will cause a lot of people to not get as much exercise. So a lot of people will get treadmills and a lot of new cardio machines. I think that in 2057 a lot of small brands and stores will get shut down. Even some bigger brands. Apple will be doing really well with all their new products, like Apple Shoes, and Apple Garbage cans, just really random things, and by this point, they will probably be up to iPhone 37 Pro Max or something. People will probably have rooms in their homes dedicated to growing plants instead of putting them outside. I think that a lot of people instead of walking with roller stake or drive hoverboards everywhere. Prosthetics will be very advanced, like robot arms or legs. Virtually reality will be very popular because it will be so exciting and realistic. Last but not least I think COVID will be gone!

Here is a recap of all the inventions that I said in this post:

  1. Full body cameras for online school
  2. Screen to see products before you buy them, online at home.
  3. Self Driving Cars
  4.  Flying Cars
  5. Cool New Cars
  6. Cardio Machines 
  7. Random Apple Products
  8. iPhone 37 Pro Max
  9. New Rooms For Growing Plants
  10. New Prosthetics
  11. Realistic Virtual Reality
October 4

Truth And Reconciliaton

Reconciliation means restoring a relationship. In this case, reconciliation is restoring the relationships from Canada to Indigenous people. This week we did an activity on the 94 Calls to Action. I only got to read 1-24 but they all sound really important and I hope that the government can do most if not all the calls to action.  I think it would be beneficial if our school did not just teach us about Indigenous people for one week every year, but we should learn it for a portion of the year on maybe have a period for that for the whole year.


The residential school crisis is very bad. Every child should have been able to speak their own language, study their culture, and be themselves. The Residential schools tried to basically erase who the kids were. They were stolen from their parents and changed from Indigenous people to Christian people. So few people know these languages so the government is trying to create schools that teach kids these languages. In some religions long hair was part of their culture, so the kids with long hair would need to have their hair cut off. The fact that these Residential schools were open for three whole generations, and the last one closed in only 1996 is just a terrible thought.

So many children got killed and some thought that trying to escape and having a chance at dying would be better than being abused. The people who did live and got out had severe mental issues and couldn’t be good parents or adults, and the trauma was passed down through multiple generations. 

Indian Residential School, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, c… | Flickr

June 9

Short Story

One hot summer day in Florida, USA an 11-year-old girl named Julie and her friend Jose were watching the movie UP. In the movie an old man makes his house fly with balloons. “I’m going to make my house fly,” she exclaimed! Jose thought she had gone too far. But Julie didn’t care; she wanted to make her house a rocket. She needed three key ingredients. 


The first ingredient was G Fuel. 

To get to it she needed to do a lot of parkour in the air and if you fell you would fall into sticky slime and cameras would see you and sound the alarm. It was on main street because if somebody saw someone trying to do it they could catch them, but luckily it was a weekday so everybody was at school or work. Only the pro parkour people could do the parkour. She started off strong and was making every jump but on one jump her foot slipped and she fell. But Jose came to the rescue and threw a trampoline under her and she bounced up to the next platform that happened every time she failed. But on the last jump, Jose had no more trampolines. He shouted, “You have to make this jump”! 

She made it! At the top, there was a safe that was unlocked for some reason. She took a lot and jumped down onto the trampoline safe and sound. 


The next ingredient was chang. It wasn’t hard to get. You could buy it at the local supermarket. The only problem was that it cost $100,000. So Julie had to rob a bank.


 First, she entered the bank and withdrew $100 so she wouldn’t be suspicious. Next, she hid until the bank teller went on his lunch break. When he did Julie sneakily crawled toward the teller’s area and on his desk was a keycard. Now she had to get to the bank owner’s office. Julie found a tunnel with a door that had a 7 letter padlock. Julie thought and thought and she figured out that the answer was Cassidy the bank owner’s cat. She knew this because Julie’s parents were good friends of the bank owner. She typed in the name C-A-S-S-I-D-Y  Julie went through the tunnel very quietly. Once she was in the bank owner’s office she found a ladder that led to where all the money was. Julie wasn’t greedy so she only took what she needed. So she took $101,000. Julie went up a ladder and found herself at the top of the bank. She didn’t know how to get down but then she saw a trampoline that Jose dropped on the way to the slime pit. Julie jumped on the trampoline and made it. 


The 3rd and final ingredient was

 a lava crystal. It was very rare because you had to go to a volcano. They are also only at the bottom and every volcano only has one. They went to the nearest volcano which was about a one-hour drive away. There was only a 50% chance for there to be a tunnel all the way to the lava crystal. When she got there she saw a tunnel. She was so excited! She ventured down the tunnel but it was just short of the bottom. She was very sad because she had done all this work and came all this way just to fail. 


She started walking up the tunnel. She looked back and saw that the lava crystal was on the wall of the volcano. She sprinted back down the tunnel and reached for it but she was just short. But Jose threw another trampoline down and he landed on it. ” Where do you keep getting these trampolines?” Julie asked.

 “My dad is a trampoline maker” Replied Jose. Jose grabbed on to Julie’s arm and Julie reached and grabbed it. 


The reason Julie got $101,000 instead of  $100,000 was because she needed a bit of money to buy some smaller ingredients. 


Her house was ready to fly. She pressed the start button and… It was a perfect lift-off. But then one of the engines was failing, then they started falling. She thought this was the end for her. She looked out the window and saw 1,000 trampolines layed out under the house. She screamed,”HOW DOES HE HAVE SO MANY TRAMPOLINES”!? She bounced down safe and sound. The only injury was a scraped knee. 


June 9

Public Speaking

This is my Public Speaking from 2021, I chose to do it on what if dinosaurs were still alive.


Have you wondered what it would be like if dinosaurs still roamed the earth, and lived amongst us? Dinosaurs have been extinct for so long nobody really knows. So today I am going to fill in the blanks and tell you what I think it might be like if dinosaurs were still alive. Anyways, the 3 things I will cover are how life would be like, would dinosaurs be good pets, and what would we do with all dinosaur poop and pee. (Yes, I know it’s a bit gross). 


Good morning teachers, judges, students, and special guests. 

As we all probably know, life would be a bit “interesting”, to say the least, if dinosaurs were still alive. Especially with all the big dinosaurs, they would crush everything. I think we could get them to go in fields so they didn’t destroy everything. Also, the carnivores would be a problem because they may or may not want to eat humans. They would have to be trained to eat what we eat like chicken, burgers, hotdogs, fish, and other meat. A lot of dinosaurs fight so they would have to be taught to live in peace. The dinosaurs are very big and when they walk it would be very loud, so some companies could sell giant dino slippers so they could be quieter. We would talk about them so much that we might make up shorter and funny  names for them like meatasaurus, vegasaurus, and bothasaurus. Instead of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Like they do in Jurassic park.


Some dinosaurs might be good pets. The big dinos would not be good pets because they would need so much food and water. They would also need a ton of room because of their size. Baby dinos might be good pets for a bit but eventually, they will be too big. The dinos that stay small would have to go through a lot of training to be a good pet. There wouldn’t be very many that you could have as a pet but there are some, like Aquilops, Gasparinasaura, Dilong, and a few more. It would have to learn not to eat things they shouldn’t, not to break things, and not make your house a mess.  In parks, there might be dino hours and human hours. At certain times pet dinosaurs could go in the parks and at other times kids and other people could go to the park.


Dinosaurs are so big and so is their poop and there would also be a lot of pee. Firstly we would have enough fertilizer to last forever. Normally poo isn’t but dinosaur poop could be turned into compost, which would help the earth be a lot cleaner and greener. If we can turn human pee into drinkable water then I’m sure we could do that same thing with dinosaur pee. Some places don’t have much clean water. If we could turn dinosaur pee into drinking water they would have more water and they wouldn’t die. Lastly, even though we could use dinosaur pee and poo in all those different ways we might still have a lot so I think that humans could come up with a way to use dinosaur waste as renewable energy.


Now that I’ve covered that you can probably see how difficult and dangerous life would be with all these weird things, but some of these would actually make life easier, like pets, fertilizer, and we would have infinite energy. In my opinion, I don’t think it would be a great idea to have dinosaurs on planet earth.


Thank you for Listening!

March 4

Holes Book Review

In school we have book club this month I had the book Holes.


I would recommend this book to people who are in grade 5 and up. It is very intense at some parts which I like a lot. It is also not too long and the vocabulary is not that hard. Different parts give you different feelings about the book. My favourite parts are when Mr. Sir got scratched because he was mean he deserved it. Also, every part with Kate Barlow is good because there is some mystery and she had a very interesting life. If you read the book you can see what I am talking about and even more. Have Fun Reading!


January 27


If anybody knows me they know that I love dogs. I mean who doesn’t? They are so cute, they are so energetic and there are so many different kinds and it doesn’t matter which kind you get they are all so much fun!



Dog, they are so cute. If you are sad you can cuddle with a puppy. I have to mention they can turn themselves, or your house into a mess in seconds, but it’s not that they want to, they are just having fun! Personally, my dog also barks a lot, but maybe that’s just him. Besides those little things, there is really no reason to not get a puppy. A dog is considered a puppy until they are one year old, but I consider them puppies forever because they are super cute.



If there is one thing I know about breeds is that there are a lot, I mean a lot! Don’t believe me? What if I told you that there are 195 different breeds. Maybe you are saying that’s not that many. Well, you can take any two different dog breeds and mix them together you get a whole new dog. With combinations of different breeds, there are thousands or even tens of thousands of breeds. Point Proven. Every breed is different and does different things like they are very energetic or they are big or small. But one thing is for sure they are all cute! 



Maybe you are saying what on earth is hypoallergenic! I can barely pronounce that. What hypoallergenic means is that firstly they don’t shed very much. Secondly, since they don’t shed none of the allergy-causing dander does not get on the floor which means no allergies. Hypoallergenic dogs’ hair grows as much as humans but non-hypoallergenic dogs don’t. So the only downside of getting one of these dogs is that they have to get a lot more haircuts.



This is a bit of a scramble category but they all have to do with energy.

Firstly you need to take dogs on walks. Regularly. Some people take their dog on 1 long walk or some other people take their dogs on a few different short ones. It can be annoying but it’s the only way for them to go to the washroom, but dogs do other things on walks they run around a lot and burn energy while having fun. Secondly, dogs fetch, why? It’s kind of like a walk they burn loads of energy running to get the ball over and over again, but that’s not all, fetching is a dog instinct to retrieve.



These next two categories are going to be shorter than the rest.

Dogs love toys, especially ones that squeak. I think it is because if they hear the squeak they know it’s their toy and wants to go play with it.



A lot of people think that dogs lick to give kisses, which is correct. Dogs lick you when they are thanking you for something you did, maybe you petted them, or gave them a new toy.


Now I have told you a bunch about dogs. Maybe you even want to get one. It is a little expensive but, I definitely think it is worth it. They are cute, happy, have lots of energy, give licks, and so much more!


January 21

Scientists In School

Last week in school, we did something really fun. Today was scientists in school! Every year our school does this thing called Scientists In School. You can probably guess the concept, scientists come to school. Usually, some parents come to school and volunteer, and because of the pandemic no one is in school so we all got on a Google Meet, and so did the scientist. This time It was called As A Matter Of Fact because we were learning about the 3 states of matter solids, liquids, and gases. Her name is Dana by the way. The goal that we needed to do at the end was to figure out what the mystery powder was. The first thing we did was that we had to see if our materials would dissolve in water. Firstly, when we put flour in water the water was cloudy which meant it didn’t dissolve. When we put the Epsom salt in the water it didn’t really dissolve because it was chunky. The baking soda did though! We did a few small experiments along the way but I am not going to mention those because they are not very interesting. We made cabbage water by mixing cabbage powder and water. We took a bit of Epsom salt and a bit of Vitamin C and some cabbage water and at first, it turned pink, and after a bit of waiting it turned red which I thought was really cool, but do you want to know what’s even cooler? We did the exact same thing except instead of Epsom salt we used baking powder, and it turned blue and started bubbling! It was so cool! Lastly, we still had to figure out what the mystery powder was. It looked like flour so we put some in water and it didn’t dissolve so we thought it was flour, but some people thought that it was baking soda so we put the powder in cabbage water and it turned blue and bubbled, so we came to the conclusion that the mystery powder was flour and baking soda. It was super fun. At the end, I mixed all the rest of the ingredients together but all it did was bubble, but some people said it exploded!

January 6

Two Of The Same

Today at school we are doing an activity called two of the same. In November I posted a paragraph on Masks and in December I wrote about Minecraft Education Edition. In this post, I will be saying what I think I improved on. Just by looking at them both, you can see that one is a lot better. In my first paragraph, I didn’t use that many transition words and I should have gone into more detail. Neither the conclusion nor the introduction sentence was all that great.


In my second paragraph, my introduction was very clear and it even had a hook sentence! I also used tools like spell check and hyperlinks. In this paragraph, I also went into so much more detail! I still need to work on using more transition words and putting the right ones in the right sentence. Though the conclusion sentence was better I still need to improve in that area. Well, there we have it, my reflection on my two paragraphs.

December 17

Minecraft Education Edition

   Is it just me or with COVID 19 are these the weirdest times ever? Right now a lot of students are stuck learning at home which can be sort of annoying. (Trust me it’s terrible)!  So, one of the first things that come to my mind when I think of fun is video games. Have you ever wanted to take your imagination into real life? Well with Minecraft you can! My favourite video game is Minecraft. You may be saying you can’t play Minecraft in school, or can you? Well believe it or not you can! Minecraft Education Edition is educational and is already being used in some schools, for a few different reasons.


    Firstly I know some students don’t really like learning because it is kind of boring but with Minecraft Education Edition you can turn learning into hours of fun! Well, how is Minecraft fun? You can build anything you want in Creative Mode and you can play Survival and try and beat the game. It doesn’t matter which one you play because you’ll have fun either way! You can also have fun playing on public servers like Hive, CubeCraft, Lifeboat, and more.


   Some reasons it is good for learning is there are a lot of different pre-made maps for learning, For example: Explore The ISS, Explore The Human Eye, Coding, and more. There are also more blocks for learning examples. I have never played Minecraft Education Edition but I have played Regular Minecraft and to be honest, it’s so much fun! Both versions of Minecraft are made by Mojang, so Education Edition must be just as fun as Regular Minecraft.


   I know school can be stressful, maybe you are about to take a test or you are just nervous. Minecraft has very calming music. I definitely think that Minecraft should be used more in schools but I don’t think that it should or that it will take over traditional teaching. Especially after Covid, I think teaching will go back to normal.


   These have been a few of my reasons why I think Minecraft Education Edition should be in schools. Here is a recap, You can learn from home, you can use it in schools, you can have fun while learning, lots of maps, more blocks, and calming music. Now that I have learned more about Minecraft Education Edition I might just play it for fun and maybe some people reading might want to as well because it is a great way to pass the time. 

November 1

Minecraft 1.16 Update

Minecraft 1.16 Update

Make sure you read my regular Minecraft blog before you read this one.



Nether Wastes: The Nether Wastes is the old nether biome that was in 1.15. Here you can find Striders which you can put a saddle on and ride with a warped fungus on a stick.


Crimson Forest: In the Crimson Forest you can find the new Crimson wood. You can also find a lot of Piglins and Hoglins. 


Warped Forest: In this biome, you can find the other new wood called Warped wood. You can also find a new light source block called Sahroomlight.


Soul Sand Valley: Here you can find a lot of ghasts and regular skeletons. It is a biome made of soul sand and soul soil. If you are traveling in this biome you probably want the enchantment called Soul Speed. If you have it and you are on soul sand you will be very fast.


Basalt Delta:

A Basalt Delta is a whole biome made of Basalt. It is dangerous because there are a lot of tiny lava pools you can fall into. There are also a lot of Magma Cubes that can knock you into the lava.



Speedrunning is a very popular aspect of Minecraft. Speedrunning is where you try to achieve something in the game as fast as possible. The most popular type of Speedrunning is where you try and defeat the 

Ender Dragon. The new 1.16 update has made Speedrunning a lot harder. The hardest part of Speedrunning is getting to the Stronghold (The place where you go to the End) and going to the End. To go there you need Eye of Enders which are made with Blaze Powder and Ender Pearls. The Nether update made it easier to get ender pearls, by trading gold with Piglins there is a chance you can get ender pearls. The Nether update made it a lot harder to get blaze rods (Blaze Rods make Blaze powder) because the only way to get Blaze Rods is by killing Blazes which only spawn in Nether FortressesNether Fortresses are extremely rare.


New Ores

Nether Gold:

Nether Gold is very common in the Nether, each one drops a Gold Nugget which 9 Gold Nuggets in a crafting table make 1 Gold Ingot. You can use that Gold to trade with Piglins.



Ancient Debris is very rare if you mine 4 Ancient Debris and smelt it in a furnace it will turn into Netherite Scrap. Once you do that put the Netherite Scrap in a crafting table with 4 Gold Ingots it makes 1 Netherite Ingot. If 

You open a Smithing Table and combine any diamond tool or piece of armour with a Netherite Ingot in will turn it from diamond to Netherite.




Piglins can spawn with either a Golden Sword or a Crossbow. They will only attack you if you are not wearing a piece of Gold Armour, But if you are wearing 

Gold Armour they will not attack you. 

You can give them Gold Ingots they will give you back any of the following: 

Fire Charge



 Nether Bricks


Crying Obsidian 

Soul Sand

Nether Quartz

 Glowstone Dust 

Magma Cream

 Ender Pearls 


 Iron Nuggets

Splash Potion of Fire Resistance

 Potion of Fire Resistance

 Iron Boots with Soul Speed III 

Enchanted Book with Soul Speed III


Zombified Piglins:


Zombified Piglins are the exact same as Zombie Pigman, so if you hit one they all try and kill you.



Hoglins are like Nether Pigs. They drop Raw Porkchop but unlike pigs they attack you they fling you up into the air. If you place down a warped fungus they will run away.



If you lure a Hoglin through a Nether Portal and into the Overworld it will turn into a Zoglin. It’s the exact same thing as a Hoglin except it looks zombified.



You can find Striders in the middle of lava pools. If you can get to one you can put a saddle on it and ride it. Like a pig, you need something to steer it but instead of using a carrot on a stick, you use a Warped Fungus on a Stick.