May 19

Public Speaking Reflection

  1. Why is self-evaluation an important post-speech technique?

Self-evaluation is very important because it helps your writing and your presenting skills improve. You can use these improved skills to make better and more engaging speeches, and improve your Public Speaking for the next year.



2. Explain two things (stars) that you think you did especially well in this speech? 

I think I was loud enough that everybody in the room could hear me. I also think that my pronunciation was good so that everybody understood what I was saying.


3. What are two things (wishes) that you did not do as well as you would have liked in this speech? 

I wish I didn’t stutter as much. I was very nervous because I had put a lot of effort into the speech, so I stuttered a lot. I also wish I made more eye contact, I was so nervous at some parts that I forgot to look up.


4. What do you plan to do before your next speech/oral presentation in any class to improve on the two areas that you identified in the last question?

I think that my speech was a lot better because I practiced a lot. For most presentations, I don’t practice as much but I could really see a better result when I practiced, so for my next oral presentation, I will try to practice more.


5. What tools did you find useful in the public speaking process (planner, having chunked due dates, practicing with a partner, rough copy feedback, etc.)

I thought that having a graphic organizer really helped because when I got to writing a new paragraph I already knew what I was going to write about instead of having to think of an idea. I also thought that practicing with a partner helped because when you practice with a close friend you know they won’t be mean, and will give you helpful feedback.


May 19

Public Speaking: The Horrible War In Ukraine

There is something drastic happening in the world. Not a worldwide disco party, not a new holiday, something much, much worse. There is a giant war. It is the biggest war in Europe since World War 2. Vladimir Putin who is the President of Russia has started what he calls “A Special Military Operation”, but it is a full-scale war. Good Morning, Mr. Wash and my fellow classmates. On the other side of the world in Europe, for the past few weeks, there has been a major conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Russia is attempting to invade Ukraine. It is very important that you know what is going on because of how serious this matter is. Today I will be informing you about why Russia is invading, where the Ukrainians are immigrating, and ways in which the public can show their support. Some people think Putin is doing this for no reason, however, this is not the case.


The first thing you might wonder is, why Russia is trying to invade Ukraine. Firstly he wants NATO’s borders to go back to what they were in 1997. NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a group of countries in Europe and North America who agree that if one of the countries who are a part of NATO gets attacked, they will help fight back. NATO has had a lot of new members join each one closer and closer to Russia, this is why Russia wants the NATO borders to move away from Russia. NATO refused to change its borders and Putin has decided to move them by force. Ukraine has been trying to join NATO for quite some time now, and that is why it is Russia’s main target. Putin has attempted to invade them before they can join. The countries of NATO have big armies but they cannot help Ukraine because they have not joined NATO. Although they can donate materials, money, and supplies. Over the years NATO has gained lots of new members which are closer to Russia. (“Putin’s war on Ukraine, explained”). The president of the U.S.A., Joe Biden has said that Putin is trying to rebuild the very powerful former Soviet Union which dissolved in 1991. The Soviet Union had lots of power. It controlled lots of land in both Asia and Europe. Many experts believe that because of how much power the Soviet Union had, Biden is right, and Putin does want to rebuild the Soviet Union (“If Putin wants to remake the Soviet Union, what country would Russia target next?”). Putin has set his expectations high because as he has tried to take over Ukraine it has taken a lot longer than expected. The first city Putin wanted to take over was the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, but after a failed invasion Putin’s goals shifted towards the south and east of Ukraine. Because of these invasion attempts, the Ukrainians needed somewhere to go.


As a result of this ongoing conflict and increased tension, many Ukrainians have decided to flee their country and go somewhere safer. Even though all the countries of NATO are supplying Ukraine with all the military equipment and materials they need they also let the Ukrainians immigrate to their countries. The Ukrainians have mostly immigrated to the countries that border Ukraine like Poland, Romania, and Hungary. But some Ukrainians also immigrated to countries farther away like Austria and Germany Already over 6 million Ukrainians have fled their country (“Where are Ukraine’s refugees going”?). These countries letting the Ukrainians in are letting Putin know that they will help Ukraine as much as they can including fighting Russia’s giant army. Every country has a big army including Ukraine, so lots of Ukrainian soldiers are staying on the front lines and fighting for their country. Even some people who weren’t in the army were willing to get recruited so they could also fight for their country. 


We already know that lots of countries’ governments are helping Ukraine, but is there anything that the public is doing? Many organizations are helping Ukraine. Some organizations, such as Territory of Kindness, have shifted their focus to ensure that the citizens of Ukraine are supported. In the past, Territory of Kindness has helped raise money for children and people who need health care (“How You Can Help the People of Ukraine”). There have also been lots of new organizations created whose sole purpose is to raise money to aid Ukraine in the battle against Russia. Almost all these organizations are non-profit organizations which means they don’t take any money for themselves and donate it all. Even you can donate money to these organizations to help Ukraine. However, donating money is not the only way you can demonstrate support for those suffering in Ukraine. You can try to educate others and they might want to help as well. You can also post on social media. The more people who know about the tragedy in Ukraine, the more people who can help. 


The war in Ukraine has uprooted thousands of innocent citizens. For now, Putin’s goals seem pretty ruthless, but Ukraine is holding up well against Russia. Thankfully neighbouring countries have provided Ukrainians with somewhere safe to relocate during this conflict. You must remember that everybody can make a difference. We have a responsibility to join the thousands of others who are donating to save Ukraine. As the president of Ukraine said, “No panic, we’re strong. We’re ready for anything”.


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May 12

החוק החדש שלי

למדנו על הכנסת וזה החןק שלי:

הכלל שלי הוא שאם מורה מאחר, תלמידים צריכים להיות מסוגלים לשחק בחוץ. אני חושב שתלמידים צריכים להיות מסוגלים לצאת כשהמורה מאחר, כי זו לא אשמת התלמידים שהמורה מאחר. הורים לתלמידים משלמים כסף עבור בית הספר אז אנחנו צריכים להיות מסוגלים להפיק את המרב מהזמן שלנו על ידי משחק במקום לשבת ולא לעשות כלום.


April 14

Innovation Day Reflection: The 3rd Place Finisher

In our class we just finished our Electricty projects. When we were first informed about the project we needed to do for Innovation Day I was very worried because we were using lots of different electrical comepenents, such as light bulbs, wires, batteries, and buzzers. I thought I would spend hours, and hours trying to figure out how to make the curcuits work, but with the help of my partener and my teacher’s help me and my partener were able to finish it without breaking down in confusion. There were so many amazing projects so we tried to make ours stand out, so instead of keeping our cardboard plain brown we decorated it like a hockey rink because me and my partener love hockey. We also showcased our complicated wires so people would know that we worked very hard. After we finished the project we had a day where we would show our parents our creation. We showed the video of us presenting and after I was so relieved because we were officaly done our project. A few days later we got the results of who won the top 3 in each grade, and me and my paretener won 3rd place!

March 31

The Benifits of Having a Pet

During COVID people are staying inside a lot more, and not getting to see your friends and family is a total bummer. One thing you can do is consider getting a pet there are so many benefits. Lots of pet owners will say that pets are very good, but they don’t know the mental and physical benefits. Most people want dogs or cats but if you are allergic to them maybe you should consider getting a rabbit because they are still a very furry friend! Also, birds can be good for mental health because they can increase social interactions, and sharpen your mind (Lundgren et al.). Studies have shown that having a pet can lower levels of cortisol, and lower your blood pressure. Pets can also help kids with disabilities like autism, and ADHD. If you are looking to be more active you could get a dog because you need to walk them, and walking multiple times a day is very good for you (“The Power of Pets”). 


If you have a lot to do, or there is something stressing you out, getting a pet can lower your stress and anxiety. Just petting your dog or watching a fish swim around can be very relaxing. Pets can help stop children from developing allergies. They can also improve your immune system (“10 Benefits of Owning a Pet”). Young kids can learn responsibilities from having a pet, like walking a dog or feeding a cat. Pets can tell when you are sad or stressed and they try to make you feel better. They can make us feel special by showing us love and affection. It’s hard to feel angry or sad when there is a cat on your lap (“Benefits of Owning a Pet”). Lastly, there is the best reason to get a pet in my opinion. They are adorable! You can have so much fun playing with them (“Benefits of Having a Pet: Why Keeping Pets Gives You Positive Energy”). 



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March 28

Creative Writing

I’m just an ordinary 15-year-old named Jasper who goes to an ordinary high school with two ordinary friends Jane, and Josh. One day my two friends and I decided to go to the science lab to conduct a few experiments while no one was around. During lunch, we were discussing an idea I had. My idea was to try and break Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion. We had to get hyper-monoluminum (a substance I invented) and mix it with frog legs. I almost puked when I tried to put the frog legs into a test tube. Jane had to put on a full anti-bacterial suit when handling the hyper-monoluminum because it is very hot and highly radioactive. Jane poured the hyper-monoluminum through the tubes and when the substance was mixed with the frog legs. “BANG” the glass shattered and flew all over the room along with the new substance. Luckily we were mostly unharmed by the glass, but I had a big cut on my face. That was the first thing my friends noticed but after I said I was okay, we realized something else. 


Everything in the room including the walls were giant! We were terrified. “What have we done”? Josh screamed! I was quaking as I walked around the room. Jane and Josh were trying to explain how this wasn’t my fault, but I knew this was all me. We were freaking out. “We need to fix this” I said. We heard footsteps coming so hid behind a giant desk chair. It was our English teacher Mrs. Green, but something wasn’t right. She was doing normal things. Just checking her desk and it was like nothing happened, and then it clicked. We were small and everything else was normal size. I told them my idea and they were shocked. Mrs. Green left and we were very relieved, but I had no idea how to get back to regular size.


Jane had the idea that if we conducted the same experiment again it would revert the size chage. Luckily I knew where my friend Peter Parker kept his extra hyper-molunumium. I always knew there was something wrong with him. He got bit by a spider when he has young, but that’s really all I know. It took us 10 minutes just to get to our classroom. We had no clue how we were going to get to the top of his desk all we had was a mini ruler we found next to Peter’s desk. Me and Jane sat down, we were stumped, but Josh looked ready. I asked him “What are you doing”?  “You’ll see” he responded. He grabbed the ruler and backed up. We moved farther away, and he started running towards the desk with the ruler. He stabbed the ground and and he flew throught the air like a bird.  He landed and it made a big “THUMP”. He went to the hyper-molunumium but the jar was too heavy. He yelled for us to come up. Me and Jane looked at each other not knowing what to do. He threw us the ruler. I was scared to try to jump, but I knew this was the only way. I backed up and ran as fast as I could and I made the jump. The jar was still too heavy. Jane was not keen on coming up using the pole vault method, so we had to think of a different way. We thought for a while until I came up with an idea. Josh held my feet off the ledge of the dask and started lowering me. We where just short of reaching Jane, but I remembered something, “The Ruler”! Josh handed me the ruler and we were able to reach June. “HEAVE” I yelled as Josh pulled us up. We were able to pick up but we heard footsteps. It was Peter. “Oh No” said Jane. We hid inside the desk at the back. Luckily he only came to get a pencil. Then I had the urge to sneeze. “Ah, Ah, Ah,” No! said June. ACHOO! I heard Peter say to himself, “what was that”? He came back and looked inside the desk, but he didn’t see anything because we hid behind some books. After he left we picked up the hyper-molonumum and walked through the wall and put it on the table. 

Our science teacher Mr. Matthews had some frog legs in his desk for experiments. We went there and climbed the desk. We opened the desk drawer, but there were no frog legs, just giant band-aids. I tried to put it on my face for my cut but it was way to big and was a bit like a blindfold. Then we realized we were on the wrong side. I climbed across the gap to get to the other side, and Josh jumped across. Jane just went on top of the desk and walked across. She made me and Josh look dumb. We found the frog legs inside a jar, and started conducting the experiment. We poured the hyper-moluminum into the test tube. I again was handling the frog legs, but I was to short so I had to stand on yop of some books so I could reach. The substance went through the tubes and… “POOF” We were back to normal size. Mrs. Green barged in the room. “What happened here”? “Uhhh” I said. Jane finished my sentence. “We were just finishing up some experiments”. “Oh, ok” said Mrs. Green. Me and my friends agreed to never bring up this topic ever again.


March 14

Jewish Studies Unit Reflection

During this unit of Jewish Studies, we learned all about different things that have to do with Judaism, from praying to clothing. Bar and bar mitzvahs arent just celebrations for when a person turns 12/13. It means you are a Jewish adult and need to do certain mitzvot. I used to think that wearing tallit was just a fashion statement, but it is way more symbolic. It is a prayer shawl that has tzitzit which reminds us about the 613 commandments from G-d. Tefillin is very special, males are supposed to wear it every day. It is two boxes with parchment from the Torah inside which say things that remind us about what G-d has done for us and some orders. The two boxes represent your actions and thoughts. The tefillin has straps that you wrap around your head, arm, and hand during the ritual. I had no clue about all these Jewish traditions that had to do with these items and events, even after knowing all this I still find this so cool how much these things represent.

February 14

My Exhilirating Reading Project


For this project, we had to choose a book to read. Then after we were done we had chosen a way to present the project. We had a lot of choices like a podcast, Youtube video, children’s book, and lots more, but I decided to make a board game. I chose to make a board game because I thought it would be really fun to make and I wanted my project not to be just boring reading or talking. I wanted people to have fun while playing.




First, each player starts with two $100 bills, two $50 bills, two $20, three $10 bills, four $5, and five $1 bills. 


Next, you have to pick a character to be. Each character has special perks and abilities.


Jack: You start with $25 more because you are the main character. You are clumsy and fall, after 3 “GO” passes your next turn will be skipped. 

June, Quint, and Dirk start with $10 more for being secondary characters.

June: Can use her weapon to knock anybody back to “GO” but can only use it 2 times.

Quint: Is very smart and he figures out that he can skip forward one space 3 times and is immune to June’s ability 1 time. 

Dirk: Is strong and will throw people directly across the map. He gets tired easily, so every second passing of “GO” his turn will be skipped.

Evie: If she lands on Go To Zombie Hoard, you must skip 2 turns.  

Rover:  You start with $10 extra because you are cute. Can jump across a line if you are on the corner but you can only use it 2 times. 


You also need to place the pile of chance cards in the middle of the chance logo.


How To Play

Place your players on “GO”. Roll the dice and the number it lands on is how many spaces you move forward. When you land on a property you can buy it. The last player to have money left wins.



If you choose to buy the property you will get a property card. You have to give the amount of money that it says on the board for your property to the bank. On the property card, the “Pay” is how much the opponent has to pay you if they land on it. If you run out of money you can put your properties back in the pile so you no longer own it, and you will get the amount of money that the card says beside the word ”Mortgage”.


Special Spaces

If you own 1 railroad and someone lands on it they will pay you $20, but if you own 2 and they land on either of them they will have to pay $40. If you land on Ghazt Battle or Rezoch you have to roll a die, and if you roll an odd number you have to go back to the beginning, but if you roll an even number you stay there.  If you land on The Wall Of Ears and you roll an odd number you have to go down the tunnel, but if you roll an even number you are safe. If you land on a Free Space you do nothing. If you land on go you collect $25. If you get a chance card with “Get Out Of Zombie Hoard”, and after you land on Go To Zombie Hoard, you can put your card back in the pile and stay there. If you land on Go To Zombie Hoard and you don’t have a Get Out Of Zombie Hoard card you have to go there and not pass “GO” and miss a turn. 


What My Game Has To Do With My Book

The playing pieces are the characters in my book, and their traits are also included. The properties are places in the book. My game is called Apocalypse Run because the book is about a zombie apocalypse.


Literary Elements In My Book

The mood of my book is scared because we are in a zombie apocalypse. The theme or moral of this book is to be courageous and not back down if you are challenged. I found some quotes that are Smilies, Metaphors, Personifications, etc.


Simile: “It sounds like 100 bones cracking like dominoes”.

Simile: “We’re about to go down the hatch like mini M&M’s”.

Metaphor: “A curtain of tangled vines”.

Personification: “I was punched in the nose by a putrid sour milk stench.”

Simile: Stale waffle cones crack beneath my feet like broken glass.