January 6

Two Of The Same

Today at school we are doing an activity called two of the same. In November I posted a paragraph on Masks and in December I wrote about Minecraft Education Edition. In this post, I will be saying what I think I improved on. Just by looking at them both, you can see that one is a lot better. In my first paragraph, I didn’t use that many transition words and I should have gone into more detail. Neither the conclusion nor the introduction sentence was all that great.


In my second paragraph, my introduction was very clear and it even had a hook sentence! I also used tools like spell check and hyperlinks. In this paragraph, I also went into so much more detail! I still need to work on using more transition words and putting the right ones in the right sentence. Though the conclusion sentence was better I still need to improve in that area. Well, there we have it, my reflection on my two paragraphs.

December 17

Minecraft Education Edition

   Is it just me or with COVID 19 are these the weirdest times ever? Right now a lot of students are stuck learning at home which can be sort of annoying. (Trust me it’s terrible)!  So, one of the first things that come to my mind when I think of fun is video games. Have you ever wanted to take your imagination into real life? Well with Minecraft you can! My favourite video game is Minecraft. You may be saying you can’t play Minecraft in school, or can you? Well believe it or not you can! Minecraft Education Edition is educational and is already being used in some schools, for a few different reasons.


    Firstly I know some students don’t really like learning because it is kind of boring but with Minecraft Education Edition you can turn learning into hours of fun! Well, how is Minecraft fun? You can build anything you want in Creative Mode and you can play Survival and try and beat the game. It doesn’t matter which one you play because you’ll have fun either way! You can also have fun playing on public servers like Hive, CubeCraft, Lifeboat, and more.


   Some reasons it is good for learning is there are a lot of different pre-made maps for learning, For example: Explore The ISS, Explore The Human Eye, Coding, and more. There are also more blocks for learning examples. I have never played Minecraft Education Edition but I have played Regular Minecraft and to be honest, it’s so much fun! Both versions of Minecraft are made by Mojang, so Education Edition must be just as fun as Regular Minecraft.


   I know school can be stressful, maybe you are about to take a test or you are just nervous. Minecraft has very calming music. I definitely think that Minecraft should be used more in schools but I don’t think that it should or that it will take over traditional teaching. Especially after Covid, I think teaching will go back to normal.


   These have been a few of my reasons why I think Minecraft Education Edition should be in schools. Here is a recap, You can learn from home, you can use it in schools, you can have fun while learning, lots of maps, more blocks, and calming music. Now that I have learned more about Minecraft Education Edition I might just play it for fun and maybe some people reading might want to as well because it is a great way to pass the time. 

December 8

My Covid 19 Journal Entry

These are some strange times. When Covid hit I thought we would only have to stay home for a few weeks maximum a month, but here we are 8 months later. My life has changed drastically now that we have to deal with Covid. First of all, school is a lot harder. I have to last almost the whole day with a mask including Recess! Also, my personal life has become harder but a bit better if that is how you want to describe it because I get outside a lot more because I have nothing to do inside. I build snowmen and take my dog for more walks. Speaking of taking my dog for walks let me tell you about that. Now that there is snow my dog has a billion more things to sniff and it is so annoying. It is also a bit more dangerous because if someone else is walking towards me I have to move onto the road. I think Covid is good in some ways. For example, I think that because of Covid people have slowed down and they are not in such a rush. It is also good luck this is the best November ever! 

November 17

Genius Hour

For my genius hour, I am making a few things to make dogs’ lives better.

So far I have made a document that has a bit of information on why dogs fetch and why the products I am making are good for dogs. ( When you are reading that post may not be finished) I have also made a blueprint of my products. My first product is The Auto-Fetcher, there is a cardboard tube that carries balls into a ball launcher and the dog can chase it. 

My second and third products are a 2 In 1 leash and a 3 In 1 leash, they are leashes where you hold it in one place and you can walk 3 or 2 dogs. My next step is to build the products and for the leashes instead of using nylon, like normal dog leashes I am going to make a model out of string.

November 3

It’s Snowing Already!

I go to sleep, not really thinking anything of the next day, it’s just going to be a normal school day. I wake up and there is snow on the ground! We’re still a month and a half away from winter and it’s snowing. Unlike some people I hate snow! I have to put on snow pants and a very warm jacket, it’s very cold and slippery, and it sometimes makes me late for school. I also can’t play my favorite games, it’s very hard to play soccer because you are slipping all over the place, and you can’t play basketball because the ball doesn’t bounce and it is hard to shoot a basketball with gloves or mittens on, but if you take off your gloves or mittens your hands will be as cold as ice. I think you get my point. I hate snow and I hope this year is a quick winter.

November 1

Minecraft 1.16 Update

Minecraft 1.16 Update

Make sure you read my regular Minecraft blog before you read this one.



Nether Wastes: The Nether Wastes is the old nether biome that was in 1.15. Here you can find Striders which you can put a saddle on and ride with a warped fungus on a stick.


Crimson Forest: In the Crimson Forest you can find the new Crimson wood. You can also find a lot of Piglins and Hoglins. 


Warped Forest: In this biome, you can find the other new wood called Warped wood. You can also find a new light source block called Sahroomlight.


Soul Sand Valley: Here you can find a lot of ghasts and regular skeletons. It is a biome made of soul sand and soul soil. If you are traveling in this biome you probably want the enchantment called Soul Speed. If you have it and you are on soul sand you will be very fast.


Basalt Delta:

A Basalt Delta is a whole biome made of Basalt. It is dangerous because there are a lot of tiny lava pools you can fall into. There are also a lot of Magma Cubes that can knock you into the lava.



Speedrunning is a very popular aspect of Minecraft. Speedrunning is where you try to achieve something in the game as fast as possible. The most popular type of Speedrunning is where you try and defeat the 

Ender Dragon. The new 1.16 update has made Speedrunning a lot harder. The hardest part of Speedrunning is getting to the Stronghold (The place where you go to the End) and going to the End. To go there you need Eye of Enders which are made with Blaze Powder and Ender Pearls. The Nether update made it easier to get ender pearls, by trading gold with Piglins there is a chance you can get ender pearls. The Nether update made it a lot harder to get blaze rods (Blaze Rods make Blaze powder) because the only way to get Blaze Rods is by killing Blazes which only spawn in Nether FortressesNether Fortresses are extremely rare.


New Ores

Nether Gold:

Nether Gold is very common in the Nether, each one drops a Gold Nugget which 9 Gold Nuggets in a crafting table make 1 Gold Ingot. You can use that Gold to trade with Piglins.



Ancient Debris is very rare if you mine 4 Ancient Debris and smelt it in a furnace it will turn into Netherite Scrap. Once you do that put the Netherite Scrap in a crafting table with 4 Gold Ingots it makes 1 Netherite Ingot. If 

You open a Smithing Table and combine any diamond tool or piece of armour with a Netherite Ingot in will turn it from diamond to Netherite.




Piglins can spawn with either a Golden Sword or a Crossbow. They will only attack you if you are not wearing a piece of Gold Armour, But if you are wearing 

Gold Armour they will not attack you. 

You can give them Gold Ingots they will give you back any of the following: 

Fire Charge



 Nether Bricks


Crying Obsidian 

Soul Sand

Nether Quartz

 Glowstone Dust 

Magma Cream

 Ender Pearls 


 Iron Nuggets

Splash Potion of Fire Resistance

 Potion of Fire Resistance

 Iron Boots with Soul Speed III 

Enchanted Book with Soul Speed III


Zombified Piglins:


Zombified Piglins are the exact same as Zombie Pigman, so if you hit one they all try and kill you.



Hoglins are like Nether Pigs. They drop Raw Porkchop but unlike pigs they attack you they fling you up into the air. If you place down a warped fungus they will run away.



If you lure a Hoglin through a Nether Portal and into the Overworld it will turn into a Zoglin. It’s the exact same thing as a Hoglin except it looks zombified.



You can find Striders in the middle of lava pools. If you can get to one you can put a saddle on it and ride it. Like a pig, you need something to steer it but instead of using a carrot on a stick, you use a Warped Fungus on a Stick.


November 1

My Relationship With Masks

   Masks are important because they protect you from COVID 19 but no one enjoys wearing them. Firstly, masks are not easy to wear because they get dirty, they are uncomfortable, hot, and they hide facial expressions. They are also very expensive, at some stores a pack of 20 masks is $50! Is it just me or is that way too much! As well as negatives there are some positives, they keep germs to yourself, and you don’t have to be as cautious about physical distancing when you are wearing a mask. No one likes masks, but we wear them for a good reason, to slow the spread of COVID 19. If we all wear masks soon we might not have to wear them!

October 13

הראש השנה שלי

אחרי יום-חצי של בית ספר אני הלכתי  לבית סבא וסבתא שלי לארוחת צהריים, אנחנו אכלנו חלה ותפוח ודבש.  אנחנו אחלנו קציצות בשר, עוף, בשר בקר ומצמד. היום שאחרי אני הלכתי לקטיף תפוחים במקום לקטיף תפוחים אני הלך במבוך תירס ואכלתי נקניקייה אבל לא הספקתי לאכול סופגניות תפוחים מכיוון שהתור היה ארוך מדי. אחרי זה הלכתי לפארק והקשבתי לשופר.






June 24

School In Quarantine

In this blog I will tell you what school in Quarantine is like for me, I will go through all the classes what our class usually does during each one. You will find out if it is easy or hard to do school at home.



In English, we sometimes write blogs like the one you are reading right now because we just got our blogs set up. Sometimes Mrs. Bennett has a worksheet that we either print out, write the answers on a document or write the answers on paper. We also sometimes go into a meet, Mrs. Bennett presents her screen and we each take turns reading.



In Hebrew we also make blogs, sometimes we make Hebrew blogs or post the work that we have been doing.

Similar to English Morah Yardena also gives us a lot of worksheets that we have to finish. We also do tefillah and record us singing a prayer and put it on Flipgrid where Morah Yardena can look at them.



In French, we usually do some worksheets but the ones Moiseur P. gives us are documents, so we just have to copy the whole document and paste it onto another document and then fill it out. Monsieur P. also reads us books in French and then translates them, and we just recently watched Paddington 2.



In Gym, there is a link on our schedule to a fitness workout or a yoga class on youtube. Once Mr. Ray videotaped himself showing us a game we can play at home. But what most a lot of people do for Gym is they play sports like me, I play hockey or soccer.


In Art, Morah Shira puts a video of herself showing us what to do for Art class. Sometimes it is painting or drawing, but we also make a lot of art out of the things we find in nature, like pine cones, flowers, or leaves. But at the end of the year, we talked about our favourite things we did in Art this year.



In Music, we have made a few songs using a website called song maker where you can make your own songs.

Here is the link, make sure you save the link so it doesn’t get deleted 🙂

We had a music journal where we would listen to a music video and write four sentences on what you thought of the song. And we also made music games like Kahoot, Song Maker, Jeopardy, and more!


School in Quarantine is a little bit harder, but it is kind of fun. Because there are things that we do now that we wouldn’t have done if we were in school. It does get a little boring at some points, but the school year is almost over. 

I’m So Excited!


June 18

הכלב שלי


!אני והאמא שלי נהגו שתים שעות לקבל שדיה אבל כשהגענו לשם והאמא שלי הפתיע אני עם כלב

.כי אני מצא המילה בספר וחשב זה היה חמוד Fliffis אני קראתי הוא

.הוא בן שנה, הוא מאוד חמוד, רך, והוא אוהב לשפשף על הבתן