February 14

My Exhilirating Reading Project


For this project, we had to choose a book to read. Then after we were done we had chosen a way to present the project. We had a lot of choices like a podcast, Youtube video, children’s book, and lots more, but I decided to make a board game. I chose to make a board game because I thought it would be really fun to make and I wanted my project not to be just boring reading or talking. I wanted people to have fun while playing.




First, each player starts with two $100 bills, two $50 bills, two $20, three $10 bills, four $5, and five $1 bills. 


Next, you have to pick a character to be. Each character has special perks and abilities.


Jack: You start with $25 more because you are the main character. You are clumsy and fall, after 3 “GO” passes your next turn will be skipped. 

June, Quint, and Dirk start with $10 more for being secondary characters.

June: Can use her weapon to knock anybody back to “GO” but can only use it 2 times.

Quint: Is very smart and he figures out that he can skip forward one space 3 times and is immune to June’s ability 1 time. 

Dirk: Is strong and will throw people directly across the map. He gets tired easily, so every second passing of “GO” his turn will be skipped.

Evie: If she lands on Go To Zombie Hoard, you must skip 2 turns.  

Rover:  You start with $10 extra because you are cute. Can jump across a line if you are on the corner but you can only use it 2 times. 


You also need to place the pile of chance cards in the middle of the chance logo.


How To Play

Place your players on “GO”. Roll the dice and the number it lands on is how many spaces you move forward. When you land on a property you can buy it. The last player to have money left wins.



If you choose to buy the property you will get a property card. You have to give the amount of money that it says on the board for your property to the bank. On the property card, the “Pay” is how much the opponent has to pay you if they land on it. If you run out of money you can put your properties back in the pile so you no longer own it, and you will get the amount of money that the card says beside the word ”Mortgage”.


Special Spaces

If you own 1 railroad and someone lands on it they will pay you $20, but if you own 2 and they land on either of them they will have to pay $40. If you land on Ghazt Battle or Rezoch you have to roll a die, and if you roll an odd number you have to go back to the beginning, but if you roll an even number you stay there.  If you land on The Wall Of Ears and you roll an odd number you have to go down the tunnel, but if you roll an even number you are safe. If you land on a Free Space you do nothing. If you land on go you collect $25. If you get a chance card with “Get Out Of Zombie Hoard”, and after you land on Go To Zombie Hoard, you can put your card back in the pile and stay there. If you land on Go To Zombie Hoard and you don’t have a Get Out Of Zombie Hoard card you have to go there and not pass “GO” and miss a turn. 


What My Game Has To Do With My Book

The playing pieces are the characters in my book, and their traits are also included. The properties are places in the book. My game is called Apocalypse Run because the book is about a zombie apocalypse.


Literary Elements In My Book

The mood of my book is scared because we are in a zombie apocalypse. The theme or moral of this book is to be courageous and not back down if you are challenged. I found some quotes that are Smilies, Metaphors, Personifications, etc.


Simile: “It sounds like 100 bones cracking like dominoes”.

Simile: “We’re about to go down the hatch like mini M&M’s”.

Metaphor: “A curtain of tangled vines”.

Personification: “I was punched in the nose by a putrid sour milk stench.”

Simile: Stale waffle cones crack beneath my feet like broken glass.