December 17

Minecraft Education Edition

   Is it just me or with COVID 19 are these the weirdest times ever? Right now a lot of students are stuck learning at home which can be sort of annoying. (Trust me it’s terrible)!  So, one of the first things that come to my mind when I think of fun is video games. Have you ever wanted to take your imagination into real life? Well with Minecraft you can! My favourite video game is Minecraft. You may be saying you can’t play Minecraft in school, or can you? Well believe it or not you can! Minecraft Education Edition is educational and is already being used in some schools, for a few different reasons.


    Firstly I know some students don’t really like learning because it is kind of boring but with Minecraft Education Edition you can turn learning into hours of fun! Well, how is Minecraft fun? You can build anything you want in Creative Mode and you can play Survival and try and beat the game. It doesn’t matter which one you play because you’ll have fun either way! You can also have fun playing on public servers like Hive, CubeCraft, Lifeboat, and more.


   Some reasons it is good for learning is there are a lot of different pre-made maps for learning, For example: Explore The ISS, Explore The Human Eye, Coding, and more. There are also more blocks for learning examples. I have never played Minecraft Education Edition but I have played Regular Minecraft and to be honest, it’s so much fun! Both versions of Minecraft are made by Mojang, so Education Edition must be just as fun as Regular Minecraft.


   I know school can be stressful, maybe you are about to take a test or you are just nervous. Minecraft has very calming music. I definitely think that Minecraft should be used more in schools but I don’t think that it should or that it will take over traditional teaching. Especially after Covid, I think teaching will go back to normal.


   These have been a few of my reasons why I think Minecraft Education Edition should be in schools. Here is a recap, You can learn from home, you can use it in schools, you can have fun while learning, lots of maps, more blocks, and calming music. Now that I have learned more about Minecraft Education Edition I might just play it for fun and maybe some people reading might want to as well because it is a great way to pass the time. 

December 8

My Covid 19 Journal Entry

These are some strange times. When Covid hit I thought we would only have to stay home for a few weeks maximum a month, but here we are 8 months later. My life has changed drastically now that we have to deal with Covid. First of all, school is a lot harder. I have to last almost the whole day with a mask including Recess! Also, my personal life has become harder but a bit better if that is how you want to describe it because I get outside a lot more because I have nothing to do inside. I build snowmen and take my dog for more walks. Speaking of taking my dog for walks let me tell you about that. Now that there is snow my dog has a billion more things to sniff and it is so annoying. It is also a bit more dangerous because if someone else is walking towards me I have to move onto the road. I think Covid is good in some ways. For example, I think that because of Covid people have slowed down and they are not in such a rush. It is also good luck this is the best November ever!