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Creative: Creative is a mode where you have access to every block in the game and with those blocks you can build awesome things. In Creative it is impossible for you to die.


Survival: Survival is a mode where you have to survive. You have to cook food to eat or else you will die and build a house so hostile mobs like creepers, skeletons, zombies and so many more, don’t kill you. To cook food you need to put coal and food in a furnace and put a bed down and sleep in it so if you die you will respawn beside your bed. 


Adventure: Adventure is a mode that most minecraft maps want you to play on because you can’t break or place blocks unless the item says what you can place it on or what block you can break.


Hardcore: Hardcore is  the same as Survival but it is set to Hard and if you die the world gets deleted.



Overworld: The Overworld is the world you spawn in when you create a world. It is full of grass, lakes, oceans, ponds, and caves. It is where you do most of your things like mining, exploring and building. All regular non-hostile mobs live there.

Nether: The Nether is a dangerous place full of blazes, ghasts and wither skeletons. You can find Nether Fortresses with blaze spawners and chests. All the blocks that are in the Nether are Netherrack, Soulsand, Nether Quartz Ore, Gravel, Nether Bricks and a ton of lava (Nether Quartz Ore gets you a lot of XP).

End:The End is probably the most dangerous world. It has enderman everywhere if you look into an enderman’s eyes he will start attacking you  and the boss, the Ender Dragon the strongest mob in the game.


End City: The End City is technically part of the End. But there is a little portal in the End that you throw an ender pearl into and it teleports you to the End City which is full of towers with chests in them and in one of the towers there is the only Minecraft flying device. It is the Elytra!

Caves: Caves aren’t really a world they are still in the Overworld just underground. They have a lot of iron and coal. But lapis gold and diamonds are a lot more rare. Emeralds are the rarest ore in Minecraft they can only be found in the extreme hill biomes. Caves also have a ton of mobs like creepers, skeletons, zombies, spiders and cave spiders. You can also find dungeons and mineshafts. (Tip: if you are looking for diamonds mine on Y level 11).



Wither:The wither is a boss because he is insanely hard to kill. He has two stages, the first one he flies around and shoots wither heads around that give you the wither effect and it is really annoying and you have to shoot him with your bow. When you get him to half health he gets a shield and you can’t hit him with your bow so he comes closer to the ground you have to hit him with your sword.  Once you kill him he will drop a Nether Star that can be used to craft a beacon.

Ender Dragon: The Ender Dragon is the strongest mob in the game. To fight him you have to find the stronghold and fill in the End Portal holes with eyes of Ender jump in the portal and you will be teleported to the End. First you have to climb all the towers and destroy all the end crystals that the Ender Dragon uses to regenerate. After they are all destroyed you can go to a little bedrock place where he goes every few seconds and you can hit him with your sword. When you kill him on the bedrok thing there will be a dragon egg. You have to push it with a piston or put a torch with a block in between the torch and the dragon egg then break the block and then you will get the egg. Then jump into the portal near the bedrock thing and you have beat Minecraft!




Iron Golems: Iron Golems are made of Iron blocks and a carved pumpkin. They are meant to protect villages. They drop Iron and a Poppy. They are in the left picture.

Snow Golems: Snow Golems are made out of snow blocks and a carved pumpkin. They leave a trail of snow and shoot snowballs. They drop snowballs.



To enchant items you first need an enchanting table, you can craft it by using 4 pieces of obsidian, 2 diamonds and 1 book. Enchanting Can make your gear stronger and your tools break blocks faster. All you have to do is get an enchantment table, put lapis lazuli in one spot and the armor piece or tool in the other and it will show you three different enchants that you can choose from. Each one costs different amounts of lapis and xp. Put bookshelves around the enchantment table to get better enchants.




To get potions you need a brewing stand, to craft it you need 

3 pieces of cobblestone and 1 blaze rod. Potions give you effects like Jump Boost, Strength, Regeneration and so many more! To make a potion you have to get a brewing stand, open it.


 Then put 1-3 water bottles in the bottom slots then blaze powder in the left slot then the ingredients in the top slot one by one. If you don’t know how to make a potion look it up on youtube.



Biomes separate all the different places in Minecraft. There are so many biomes here is a list of them all.

Plains, Forest, Jungle, Bamboo Jungle, Mountains, Desert, Taiga, Savannah, Badlands, Beach, Stone Shore, River, Hills, Ocean Mushroom Fields Ice Spike and a few more.


Naturally Generated Structures

Villages: Villages are amazing to find, you can steal all they’re stuff and trade with villagers to get some awesome gear.

Dungeons: You can find dungeons underground. They have a monster spawner in it and you have to put torches on five sides of the monster spawner (not the bottom) and then the monsters will not spawn. After you can take the loot from the 1 or 2 chests.

Desert Temples: Desert Temples are little structures that you find in the desert with a hole in them. You jump in and try to avoid the 

pressure plate. If you step on the pressure plate TNT will explode and all the loot will be destroyed. If you don’t touch the pressure plate you can take all the loot in the four chests. The lott is stuff like bones, rotten flesh, enchanted books and sometimes gold or even diamonds

Ocean Monuments: You can find Ocean Monuments in the ocean you have to go in, and mine the four gold blocks. But there is an 

Elder Guardian that gives you mining fatigue III which makes you mine super slowly. It will take you about a minute to mine a block of sand. 

Abandoned Mineshafts: You can find Abandoned Mineshafts underground. There are a bunch of different tunnels that go many different ways. In those tunnels there are some poisonous/cave spider spawners. They also have minecart chests with redstone, rails bread and other things.

Strongholds: A stronghold is how you get to the end. To get there you have to throw an eye of ender and follow it (Beware the eye of ender might break when you throw it). Then you have to dig down and find it.

Nether Fortresses: You can find nether fortresses in the Nether. They are made out of nether bricks. Inside there are blaze spawners, 

zombie pigman and wither skeletons. There are a few chests in it. 

You can also find nether wart to make a nether wart farm.

Ravines: Ravines are big lines in the ground with a ton of ores in them.

But be careful if you find one that doesn’t have any light coming into it there will be a lot of mobs.

Pillager Outposts: You can find pillager outposts in any biome. 

They are big towers with pillagers surrounding it. Pillagers have crossbows that they shoot you with. At the top there is a chest that has crossbows, carrots, dark oak wood and more!


Tools and Weapons

(All these tools and weapons can be wooden, stone, iron or  diamond).

Sword: A sword is a weapon each different types of swords do a different amount of attack damage.


Pickaxe: A pickaxe is for mining each type of pickaxe can mine different things. Wooden can mine stone and coal. 

Stone can mine stone, coal, iron and lapis. Iron can mine anything except bedrock which is unbreakable and obsidian. 

Diamond can mine anything except bedrok.

Axe: Axes really only have one use and that is for breaking wood. But it does do a decent amount of attack damage.You can even put the sharpness enchantment on it.

Shovel: A shovel is for digging gravel, sand, dirt and soul sand. 

Hoe: A hoe is used for making grass into farmland which allows you to plant any type of seed on it



Chat can be enabled by pressing T. Then you can write things and other people in your world will see it. Or you can write  /  and gamerule which makes a rule in your game, /give which gives you an item, /effect which gives you an effect and there are so many more commands!



A beacon is a powerful item that can be crafted with a nether star which can be obtained by killing the wither boss, 5 pieces of glass and 3 pieces of obsidian. First to get its power you need to make a pyramid from an 

8 by 8 to a 3 by 3 out of iron blocks, gold blocks, diamond blocks or emerald blocks and put the beacon on top of the pyramid. Next you put an iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond or an emerald in it and then choose an effect, either speed, strength, jump boost , haste (which makes you mine faster) or resistance (which makes things that damage you not damage you as much). You will have these effects until you get far away from the beacon.



Skyblock can be played with one player or multiple players. 

Usually there is a starter chest with things to make a cobblestone generator. There are so many different kinds of sky block islands

Like one block skyblock, skyblock with a house, a skyblock with only a tree there are so many!

The “sky” part in skyblock is there because skyblock is an island were 

If you fall off you fall into the void which kills you very quickly.



Skywars is where you spawn on islands with chests that refill every couple minutes. Where you get armour blocks weapons and other things. You have to fight ot

 her people and the last one standing wins. You can also play with teams.




Bedwars is a game where you spawn on an island where you have a forge where gold and iron spawn. You can build over to the diamond spawners where diamonds spawn every few minutes. You can use diamonds, upgrade the protection on your armour or upgrade your forge where emeralds spawn in your own forge, the sharpness on your swords, traps and other things.

With iron gold and emeralds you can buy weapons and blocks to protect your bed, because every island has a bed and you have to protect your bed. If your bed is not destroyed and you die you lose all your stuff but you respawn, but if your bed is destroyed and you die you don’t respawn and you lose the game. Last man standing wins.


Fun Facts

  • Minecraft was released on May 17, 2009.
  • The first version of minecraft was created in just six days.
  • A piston can’t push obsidian.
  • If you wear a carved pumpkin on your head and you stare into an enderman’s eyes it won’t attack you.
  • If you kill a mob that drops raw food with a flint and steel or a sword with fire aspect the mob will drop the cooked version.
  • 1 Block of coal is equal to 9 pieces of coal, but a block will fuel a furnace for 800 seconds and 9 pieces will only fuel it for 720 seconds.
  • A lava bucket can fuel a furnace for 1000 seconds. 


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  1. Jon Mitzmacher

    Welcome to the OJCS Blogosphere!

    I loved this post and it is SO long and thorough!

    First question…what is the significance of “Superstar31”? Why did you choose this as your avatar?

    Second question…are there examples of students and schools using Minecraft for education (I know there is!) that we could explore at our school? Examples of students and schools using Minecraft for Jewish learning (I know there is!) that we could explore at our school?

    If we can get kids as excited about Math and Judaism as they are about things like Minecraft it would be the ultimate “win-win”!

    Keep on blogging!


    1. jbennett31 (Post author)

      Hi Doc,

      Thank you for reading my blog. The Superstar part of my name just came into my head. 31 is the number that my favourite hockey player Carey Price wears for the Montreal Canadiens.

      I think the school should try and get some type of Minecraft club going. I think a lot of students would love to do Minecraft.


  2. lazer1

    Wow, Superstar 31,

    I was surprised that you were so positive in the stealing from villagers part, though i suppose it is there fault for having the chests in the first place. I really enjoyed the blog post.
    One question though, what is the most valuable block in Minecraft?



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