June 10

My Persuasive Essay

I want to persuade Dr. Mitzmacher to get rid of school uniforms. I have three main points as to why he should get rid of uniforms. My 1st point is that they would be comfortable. My 2nd point is that kids’ clothes would be a lot cheaper. And my last and 3rd point is that students can express themselves.


I think that students can concentrate better if they are comfortable. Also, I wear the uniform pants and the buttons on the inside always make marks all on my sides. And every time I fall or slide the knees rip so easily. Students would feel a lot better if they got to choose their own comfortable clothes.


If parents didn’t have to pay for expensive uniforms they would have more money to spend on other things like cheaper clothes, food, and anything else that they need. If parents had more money they could keep sending their kids to OJCS. If people can wear what they want people can see what they like. When they can express themselves they are more confident to do they’re best.

When people express themselves they feel good. Students will feel good about expressing their true personalities. I think that if students are comfortable and students can express themselves. They will feel more confident to do they’re best, and if the clothes are cheaper students can buy other things and keep going to this school.




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